How to subscribe

Thanks to the magic of RSS, you can get each new episode of The Virtual Staffroom delivered directly to your podcatcher... no fuss, no muss! Then, whenever a new episode is released you don't have to do anything special to get it, it just appears magically on your computer or device.

See? Technology really IS just like magic!

The podcast feed is

Subscribing via a Podcatcher

The simplest way to subscribe is by clicking the podcast feed link above.  From the Feedburner page that appears, just click the subscription option that suits you best.

You can also find us by searching for Virtual Staffroom in the iTunes Podcast Directory and just click the subscribe link there.

Some people get a bit concerned about the word "subscribe". Despite the fact that it sounds like you're buying something, subscribing to a podcast costs nothing.

The Virtual Staffroom is, and always will be, 100% free to subscribe and listen to.

Once you add The Virtual Staffroom to your list of podcasts, your podcatcher will automatically download the most current episode, and then grab any future episodes as they get released. Once you set this up you don't have to think about it after that... it just happens. You can also download any past episodes just by clicking the Get button next to each one in the list.

You can also subscribe directly in iTunes itself by going to the File Menu and choosing Subscribe to Podcast. Then paste in the URL and click ok. Done!  It's that easy!

Subscribe directly via a Mobile device

Of course, you can always just subscribe directly on your mobile device and there are some great podcatching apps on most of the mobile platforms. There's no need to sync with a computer at all, although you might want to check your settings to make sure it only grabs new episodes while you're on wifi. Updating over 3G can easily blow through your monthly data allowance for many phone data plans.

Try one of these great mobile podcasting apps... Pocketcasts, Downcast or BeyondPod.  Go to the settings in your mobile podcatching app, and find the subscribe to podcast option, and enter the URL  Now each episode will just land directly on your phone or device.  Nice.

Or just listen right here on the website

Of course, you don't have to subscribe to listen. You could also just click on the little play button found with each episode on this website, but honestly, sitting in front of your computer is not usually the most convenient way to consume an audio podcast. Listening while driving, walking the dog or going to the gym is a really great way to be efficient with your learning.

However you decide to subscribe (or not) I hope you enjoy the podcast and thanks for listening.